There are women who get their hair colored and then wonder why the hair did not hold color. This is a common question these days. There are others who, after coloring their hair, get fabulous looking  Home Laser Hair Removal. This difference often frustrates people especially women considering the amount of money that is spent on hair color.

Home Laser Hair Removal
The usual method of coloring hair involves lightening the original color of the hair by lifting the cuticle layer for allowing the color or sometimes a bleaching agent to enter deep into your hair. This also allows the color to get displaced adequately.

Men or women who suffer from damaged hair often face this situation. Till the time they don’t eat a balanced diet and use a shampoo with natural ingredients, the person’s hair is not likely to hold color. The problem with damaged hair is that it is not in a position to be colored. That’s because any artificial treatment on hair affects your hair in some way or the other. On damaged hair the effect is almost always negative.

In order to bring back good health into your hair get hold of a shampoo that works well for your type of hair. This is not the time to go in for the trendy shampoos, conditioners or styling mousse.

Several women use hair dyes at home. Frequent use of hair dyes also affects hair in a way that it becomes too porous to hold the desired color any more. Dyeing hair more often makes it difficult for hair to retain the color. Hair color care is important whether you take care of your hair at home or go to a salon to get it washed thoroughly. After you color your hair, give it sometime time to retain the color. It is not advisable to immediately go out in the sun. Hair color often fades off due to exposure to sunlight.

Hair color is likely to fade if you immediately apply and wash your hair using a strong shampoo. This is, in a way, undoing what the lady at the salon did. This way would probably waste all your money in a few minutes.

Frequent hair color also strips open your hair cuticles and then it gets difficult to retain the color. Hair color care also involves conditioning your hair generously and more frequently. That is because coloring your hair makes them dry. To take care of the dryness it is important to find a conditioner most suitable for your hair. Allow your hair to heal. Depending on the damage to hair, it will take some time to get back to normal.

When your hair heals completely make sure that you choose a hair color that does not leave your hair dry. If your hair is already dry then it is necessary to get hold of a brand that is best for dry hair. Consult an expert in the field and spend some time in knowing how you can protect your hair after they have been colored.